FP 500 Club

Help Us Raise the Funds Needed to Help the Needy

Every year Fletcher Place Community Center faced the challenge of securing the full-operating budget of nearly $400,000. To help meet our goal, the Fletcher Place 500 Club was created! The idea is that if we had a core group of 500 people/organizations that donated $500 a year ($41.66/month x 12 month if starting in January), we would have the level of donations to secure the bulk of our operating budget. When these funds are added to our grants, Culinary Collage and large gifts we would reach our total budget of approximately $400,000.

The Fletcher Place 500 Club will be the backbone of our annual funding to keep our doors open and the lights on, offering hope, compassion, and renewal for our neighbors in need.

To join today, visit our Donate Today page, choose the '500 Club' fund and either make a one-time gift of $500 or a monthly recurring gift in an amount that will total $500 by the end of December. March = $50 a month and so on.

Every member of the 500 Club will receive a large magnet with the above picture on it - these magnets were donated to us. Each year the magnet will have a different picture and the current year. Additionally, your name will go on a race car on our Fletcher Place 500 Club wall at the center!
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact holly@fletcherplacecc.org or give her a call at 317-636-3466
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