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Find Out About Our Beginnings

With roots in the United Methodist Church, in 1872 Fletcher Place Community Center was started as a small outreach in the South side of downtown Indianapolis. Since then our dedication has been to ease the pain and struggle of poverty and hunger for families, the homeless, and youth.

58 years later our preschool program began so we could begin helping young children get an education when financial limits may have stopped them in other circumstances.
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Taking What We Have to Accomplish so Much

With an operating budget around $300,000, we're capable of doing a lot with a little. 8 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees along with thousands of volunteers handle all of our outreach programs, including 25,000 hot meals and 42,000 meals worth of groceries. 30 children were a part of our early childhood education programs and 75 youth participated in Art in the City.

Meet Our Current Board Members

Officers: President: Randy Sorrell, Vice President: Jillian Venci Fuhs Secretary: Katie Colden, and Treasurer: Ron Branson

Members: Jim Caughey, John Cusson, Robin Heldman, Ted Letherer, Ed Martin, Kathy McDonald, Lara Noren, David Owen, Ann Sumner, Bonnie Uber, and Lisa Wenzler Savin.

Join Us in Helping Families Throughout the Community

Every member of the community matters and we strive to provide the support, help, and encouragement some families need to overcome financial struggles. Visit our Services, Christmas Program, Culinary Collage, and How to Help pages to find out more about becoming a part of our efforts.
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